Passion Casablanca Corset


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Heres looking at you, kid, and, if you happen to be wearing this Casablanca Corset from the incredible Passion lingerie range, then it will be impossible for anyone to stop looking. This delightful grey corset emphasises the female forms fullest features, by pulling the wearer in at the waist to draw attention to the hips and bust. Using a combination of sheer stripes, black lace detailing and a well placed bow, the corset gives an elegant and sophisticated air, that feels incredible, whether you are the one wearing it, or are fortunate enough to be witnessing it. A matching g string mirrors the corsets stripy design, and adjustable straps make attaching stockings a simple and effective way to take this look to the next level. This product is available in a range of sizes.
STYLE Corsets
BRAND Passion Lingerie
WASHING Hand wash

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