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Give into your mischievous desires, with the Femi Dress in black, from the simply stunning Passion lingerie range, and explore a world of bondage and fetish fantasy. Adopting the time honoured look of BDSM enthusiasts, this dress clings to the body snugly, showing off the figure, as well as plenty of alluring flesh, with an open front and back. Where it differs from the traditional attire of this style of sexual activity is in the material. Rather than being made of leather or PVC, materials that some find uncomfortable and unsatisfying, it utilises wet look material for a softer, more flexible fit, but without losing any of the style. A matching, wet look g string is also included for when the dress comes off. The dress cuts off at the top of the thighs just below the buttocks, flaunting the luscious legs, and meets at a collar around the neck for a seductive and striking look, which is available in a range of sizes.
STYLE Dresses
BRAND Passion Lingerie
WASHING Hand wash

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