Passion Basque and Corsets

Passion Bes Corset Black

Discover the dominatrix inside, with the Bes Corset in black, from Passions risque range of lingerie..

Passion Brasiliana Corset White

For a sophisticated and sensual experience, this Brasiliana Corset in white is perfect for setting t..

Passion Fabra Corset

For a sultry and seductive look, this Fabra Corset, from premium European lingerie brand, Passion, i..

Passion Hana Corset Black

This scintillating Hana Corset in black, from European lingerie legends, Passion, is a raunchy and s..

Passion Hana Corset Red

Explore your and your partners fantasies in style, with the Hana Corset in red, from the sumptuous a..

Passion Hellen Corset

Pull off that classically sexy looks with the delightful Hellen Corset, from lingerie masters, Passi..

Passion Janet Corset

Breaths are bound to be taken away, thanks to the Janet Corset, from lingerie innovators, Passion, s..

Passion Joop Corset

Escape from monotony and into a world of fantasy, with this Joop Corset, from the stunning Passion l..

Passion Larisa Corset

With a classic and sexy design, clearly influenced by the burlesque style, this Larisa Corset, from ..

Passion Maddie Corset

Get sucked in by the black vortex that is the Maddie Corset, from makers of fine lingerie, Passion, ..

Passion Marie Corset

Push your and your lovers romantic limits, with the Marie Corset, from the luxurious and indulgent E..

Passion Paloma Corset

Giving one lucky individual a glimpse of excitement to come, is the Paloma Corset from the lingerie ..

Passion Rikki Corset

With an unconventional shape, and an attention grabbing design, the Rikki Corset, from purveyors of ..

Passion Roxy Corset Black

Youll certainly be looking foxy, if you dare to wear the Roxy Corset in black, from purveyors of fin..

Passion Rumba Corset

Let your body shake with pleasure with this amazing Rumba Corset, part of the indulgent and exotic P..

Passion Shanti Corset

Prepare for you or your partner to be knocked for six by this stunning Shanti Corset, from the gorge..

Passion Xena Corset

Oozing class and sophistication, as well as unmatchable sexiness, is the Xena Corset, from purveyors..

Passion Zoja Corset Black

Dim the lights and let this sultry Zoja Corset in black, from the incredibly indulgent Passion linge..

Passion Zola Corset Black

A kinky, and clingy one piece, this Zola Corset in black, from the premium European lingerie range, ..

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