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Passion Maddie Corset


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Get sucked in by the black vortex that is the Maddie Corset, from makers of fine lingerie, Passion, and come out the other side looking sexier than ever. Unlike classic corsets, this particularly design uses unwired cups and adjustable shoulder straps for a soft and comfortable design, that will still give the wearer that stunning corset aided figure. Pulling the wearer in at the waist, the corset emphasizes the hips and bust, creating an alluring hourglass shape. Floral, lacey side panels and trim along the edges of the cups break up the intensity of the mainly black design, while adding a little extra elegance to the look. Completed with a floral, lace g string, this set can be coupled with stockings for an even more powerful ensemble. It is available in a range of sizes to accommodate all that desire such a level of sexiness.
STYLE Corsets
BRAND Passion Lingerie
WASHING Hand wash

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