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Shock and awe are sure to follow whoever dons this Musca Body, from the brilliant and beautiful Passion lingerie range, as will feelings of incredible pleasure and satisfaction. A striking shape cuts down the centre of the body, making a dramatic impact that will have all onlookers on their knees, begging for mercy, flashing the hips and waist. This all in one combines white, decorative lace, shimmering fabric and sheer material for a three part texture and aesthetic, which feels as sensual to touch as it does to witness. The cleavage is given ample exposure, thanks to a halter neck design, as are the buttocks, due to the g string detailing. Theres little doubt that this item will give any ailing sex life a shot in the arm, as well as giving a boost to the confidence of the person wearing it. This product is available in a range of sizes.
BRAND Passion Lingerie
WASHING Hand wash

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