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Shop the essential products you need your wild nights of passion. Experimenting with anal? Try our intimate anal douche shower products and follow it up with one of our lubes, licks, oils, rubs or edible treats - get ready to live out every single fantasy.

Magnus Stainless Steel Enema Tip

This ample, weighted, stainless steel plug is the ideal choice for anyone interested in heavier enem..

Male Edible Undies

You can eat all of your Edible Undies garment and the candy strings as well. The more you lick Edibl..

Male Extra Thick Lubricant

Male extra thick lubricant is especially developed for a smooth experience of anal sex. Male extra t..

Marshmallow Willies

140g4.94oz box of pink marshmallows in the shape of willies..

Masque Oral Sex Flavour Chocolate

3 strips of Chocolate flavour to dissolve completely on your tongue immediately prior to or during o..

Masque Oral Sex Flavour Mango

3 strips of Mango flavour to dissolve completely on your tongue immediately prior to or during oral ..

Masque Oral Sex Flavour Strawberry

3 strips of strawberry flavour to dissolve completely on your tongue immediately prior to or during ..

Masque Oral Sex Flavour Watermelon

3 strips of Watermelon flavour to dissolve completely on your tongue immediately prior to or during ..

Master Series Ass Relax Desensitizing Lubricant  4.25 oz

Reward them with a little understanding. Ass Relax Anal Desensitizer helps ease the potential discom..

Master Series Frozen Deep Throat Desensitizing 4 oz Spray

Freeze the throat of your plaything with this gag inhibiting spray. Simply spray lightly to produce ..

Master Series Tranquil Cooling Aftercare Spray 2 oz

Reward them after a naughty play session with this calm inducing aftercare spray. Simply spray onto ..

Mini Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion 3 Pack
Moist Lubricant

Use moist for a silky smooth encounter that will thrill and delight. Its unscented, water based form..

Natural Massage Oil

Massage oil Natural from HOT is especially kind to your skin leaving it soft and giving it a delicat..

New Moon Bleaching Cream For Men

30mls of bleaching cream to lighten your sensitive parts..

Nexus Anal Douche

Created from high quality rubber and ABS plastic, the Nexus Douche provides a safe and effective way..

Nexus Slide Water Based Lubricant

Slide into satisfaction with this thick, super slick water based lubricant. Specially formulated for..

Nexus Wash Antibacterial Toy Cleaning Spray

A fragrance free toy cleaner safe for use with all Nexus toys, Nexus Wash is an active blend of natu..

ON Erosense Aqua WaterBased Lubricant 125ml

Erosense Aqua is Sensuvas natural water based personal moisturizer. It was important to create a per..

ON Erosense Sync Hybrid Lubricant 125ml

Erosense Sync is Sensuvas healthy body hybrid formula. It is an exceptional water based lubricant bl..

ON Silicone Personal Moisturiser

ON PERSONAL MOISTURIZER is a unique formula designed to enhance your sense of sexual pleasure and co..

Oral Sex Candy Pear

Yum, Zero Tolerance Toys just made fallatio and cunnilingus even tastier. Try new Passion Pear Oral ..

Oral Sex Essentials Kit
Orange Body Kiss Massage Cream

Water soluble. Massage cream is a flavoured body kiss. Apply extravagantly. Leaves your skin sensual..

Original Soft Tampons 10 Pieces

Security with out the thread during menstruation. The original soft tampons were developed according..

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