Boxer Games

Bad Vibes Talking Vibrator

This real 7 TALKING vibrator comes complete with a REAL mans voice, which says, at random, one of th..

Belly Button Brush

For the Person who has Everything The ultimate status symbol, which carries almost as much kudos as ..

Birthday Girl Sash

Let everyone know who the Birthday Girl is with this gorgeous pink Birthday sash Why not buy more p..

Black Champagne Flute  Bride To Be

Black Champagne Flute Bride To Be Here comes a new title to GLASS with CLASS Black jewelled champagn..

Bloody Big Beer Glass  Thirst Aid

Hand blown beer glass that will hold either 1400ml, 2 12 pints, over 3 schooners, 50 shot glasses, 2..

Booby Match

54 king sized playing cards with 25 pairs of matching boobs There are 3 games to play and of course ..

Drunk  and  Disorderly Labels  Boys

Drunk and Disorderly Labels Ideal for when youre so drunk you cant even remember your own name and ..

Gentlemans Ball Scratcher

This is definitely the present for the man who has everything Aimed at the Busy Male Executive is t..

Gentlemans Willy Care Kit

An elegant case of intimate essentials for the discerning Gentleman on the move. This case contains ..

Girls Night Out Saucy Badges

Dont let yourself and the girls be seen out on the town without one of these saucy badges. Allow t..

Happy Hookers His N Hers Key Hooks

Happy Hookers Novelty key hooks for both yourself and partner...

Hen Night Feather Garter

The bride to be is guaranteed to make an entrance when she wears this sexy feather garter. Why not..

Hen Night L Plates

Hang the L plates over your shoulders using the enclosed cord, one in the front and one behind. Ever..

Hen Night Party Badges

Make sure EVERYONE knows you are on a Hen Night out to cause mayhem of course They have been warned..

Hen Night Personal Dares Badge

Each guest writes a personal dare for the Hen Make it as embarrassing as you can. During the eveni..

Hen Night Sash  Bride to Be

So your last night as a free girl is approaching, well on that special hen night you want to stand o..

Hen Night Sash  Bridesmaid

Well if you are the bride on your hen night you are going to want your bridesmaids to stand out from..

Hen Night Sash  Hens On Tour

Let everyone know who the lucky lady is on her last night of freedom with this gorgeous pink and whi..

Hen Night Willy Measurer

Wanting to be naughty on the Hen Night. Take this Willy Measurer with you and see how the guys measu..

Hens Feather Head Dress

The bride to be is guaranteed to make an entrance when she wears this sexy feather headdress. Why n..

Hens Head Dress

To make sure everyone knows just who the bride is on that hen night, why not combine this superb Hen..

Hens L Plates Headband

Hens Headband Ensure everybody knows just who the Hen is with this L plates deely bopper Why not b..

Hens On Tour  Black Champagne Flute

Black Champagne Flute Hens On Tour Here comes a new title to GLASS with CLASS. Black jewelled cham..

Hens Water Pistol Fight

Hens Water Pistol Fight Hen Night Water Pistols Guaranteed to make anyone wet Why not buy the wh..

Humour Mug Bitch/Bastard

Mug that has Only a Bitch like me could live with a Bastard like him printed on it. Holds 15fl.oz..

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