MyStim Bal(l)zac Metal Dildo

Massive metal dildo for stimulation current devices. This metal dildo is perfect for a very special ..

MyStim Duke Stainless Steel Polished Cock Ring

Mystim cock rings made of 100 percent surgical stainless steel are not just erotic pieces of jewelle..

Mystim Electric Eric eStim Vibrator Black

The first of his kind Electric Eric is unprecedented, because the E Stim Vibes are the first and onl..

Mystim Large John Butt Plug

Massive metal butt plugs for electrical exaltations. Their roundings are full of relish and perfect ..

Mystim Oh Thello Dildo

Massive metal dildo for electrical exaltations. His roundings are full of relish and perfect for a v..

MyStim Rodeo Robin

This Mystim Rodeo Robin, Penis Testicle Strap set is perfectly suitable for an especially intense st..

Mystim Tension Lover Estim Tens Unit

By means of soft electrical impulse you can stimulate or heavily excite almost every area of your bo..

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